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Top 5 Magento Extension For Your Ecom Store-Why Actually Need

20 Apr

Top 5 Magento Extension For Your Ecom Store-Why Actually Need

Magneto 2 has plenty of sales generating extensions that help you to boost online sales, enhance conversion rates, build trust and credibility or much more. There are approximately 1500+ Magneto 2 extensions present in the market to scroll and find out the right one. That’s why we have done a thorough research and picked a list of five best Magento 2 extensions with right facts and figures to save you from that work.

Top 5 Magento Extension For Your Ecom Store

Top 5 Magento Extension For Your Ecom Store


So without further a do, let’s get started;

1.Sales and conversion optimization

This is the extension that all you need to optimize your sales purchases and boost sales conversion rate. If you can’t convert the traffic then it is of no use. This sales and conversion optimization extension keep customers stay and lead them to their main aim of boosting the sales conversion.

2.Out of stock notification

You can notify customers when the products are out of stock and also add subscription option for the customers so that they can get price alerts and stock notification.

3.Customer specific product and price extension

This extension is the best suit for the businesses as it can set the custom product and price to individual person or a particular group to make them feel special.

4.Layered navigation

Layered Navigation provides a system of filters so that shoppers can easily search products or navigate while browsing your store, which default search function of Magento 2 is missing.

5.One step checkout process

This one step checkout page extension will accelerate checkout experience without any complexities. It helps to save customers time and effort so that they can’t abandon their carts just because of the lengthy checkout steps.

We’ve tested no less than 100 extensions to combine these 5 best ones for you in this article. I hope it will help you out!

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