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Mobile Website Designer

The maximum intricate part is starting. This applies to almost anything in life. But, When you get it going, then as the saying goes, the ball starts undulating. Starting an online business, there are lots of things to think. Take out the part where you will have to choose what business to put up. Still there are a lot of things to ruminate. One of which is marketing. In this age and time we know that online marketing is what makes it.

We at Axtongroup finds ways and means to support you in improving online endeavors by auxiliary you in registration a domain name for your business, creating a web page design and host it all year long. Plus, making it as visible as possible on the 1st page of Google SERP. We give the advantage of what you pay for and even more and you will then see the change of having professionals work for you.

Mobile Friendly Website Design your website so that it is optimized for Android, ipad, Blackberry, iPhone and most of the latest mobile devices. It is a must for your business to create a mobile version of your website because your audience is looking for you on the local web. If your site stacks on the side lines when watching on any handheld or mobile devices you are assertive away half of all local searchers from a mobile device. In fact web traffic from mobile devices has doubled up in numbers.

The number of mobile web pages has grown as well. Experts predict that mobile internet use will soon surpass desktop internet use.Mobile websites are compact versions of usual websites to cater for visitors using a mobile phone browser on mobile phones like the iPhone, BlackBerry or others. As usual websites are developed for large monitors, they are not friendly when trying to be viewed on mobile phones which have significantly smaller screens.

Also, mobile internet influence are normally slower than connections used to access the internet across your PC or laptop, so mobile website design must cater for this by offering a more naive look and feel than on a regular website. Mobile web design is a newer art, and one that the Axtongroup design has mastered through its suitable mobile website designers. The Axtongroup mobile website design service works as follows :

  • Mobile website design sitemap and construction, highlighting the pages of your regular website that need to be integrated into your mobile website;
  • Custom designing each page, taking into account best practice mobile web design (calls to action, click to call features, easy-to-read fonts, etc.) and mobile SEO (mobile search engine optimization);
  • After primary mobile web designs, client reviews the mobile web designs and when approved, Axtongroup considers the mobile website design phase complete, and ready for mobile website development.

Axtongroup helps clients secure a mobile website address – either a /mobile after the client’s domain name or a sub-domain like or , which is the address in which the mobile website will reside. Axtongroup mobile websites are completely maintainable through the easy-to-use Axtongroup CMS (content management system), meaning clients do not need to double-enter content which is to appear on both their regular and mobile websites. So Call Us right now at 610-209-3937 or write us at

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