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ASP.NET Core Development

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ASP.NET Core Development Company

We have built web based applications and mobile app backend using ASP.NET Core.

ASP.NET Core Application Development Services

The ASP.NET Core is an open source framework that is free and developed by Microsoft and community. Axton Group hasdeveloped manycustom web basedapplications, database applications, software applications and mobile backend using the ASP.Net Core programming language. We offer full cycle .NET development services and delivers high performance and result oriented custom software products. Our highly qualified professionals implement the cross platform unity solutions that allow the implementation of a specific app on the multiple platforms.Our aim is to design ultimate business solutions that coordinate with client-side frameworks like Bootstrap, Angular and Knockout Js.

Top features of ASP.NET Core you need to know about

Razor Pages

Razor pages is a page focused framework for developing effective and data directed websites, it also supports cross-platform development and can be positioned to Unix, Windows and Mac Operating systems.

Cross Platform Support

Discover secure and strong ASP.NET applications that carry on cross-platform like Windows, Mac and Linux.

Multiple Environment and Development Mode

New environment feature is one of the most useful and favourite feature as it allows you to easily differentiate parts of your code for their behaviour in development, staging, production etc. There was no standard way to do this before ASP.NET Core.

Dependency Injection

One of the great new features of ASP.NET Core is built-in dependency injection. It is heavily used within ASP.NET MVC itself. It is the preferred way that things like logging contexts, database contexts, and other things are passed into your MVC controllers.

Globalization and localization

Creating a bilingual website with ASP.NET Core will allow your site to reach a wider audience. ASP.NET Core provides services and middleware for localizing into different languages and cultures. Globalization is the process of designing apps that support different cultures; however localization is the process of adapting a globalized app, which you have already processed for localizability for a perfect culture.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

Security is important. It is also one of those things that can be a lot of work to prevent certain types of attacks. CSRF is in referencing to hijacking users authenticated session to perform an action that they did not initiate.

Self-Hosted Web Applications

Sometimes you need to make a web application that will be deployed on the desktop itself and not on a server running IIS. Our free ASP.NET profiler, prefix is a perfect example of this. Its front end is all HTML that is loaded from an ASP.NET application running as a window service. With ASP.NET Core, you can also use the standard Kestrel web server. One of the great advantages of .NET Core is that your web application is essentially a console application. IIS just sits in front of it as a reverse proxy. This means that you can also deploy your app only with Kestrel for non-server based used cases, like Prefix.

Benefit of ASP.Net Core Applications

Built-in Support: Provide built in support for multiple data formats and content negotiation allowing web APIs reach a broad range of clients.

Cloud Deployment:Enhance features such as cloud support and deployment because of its powerful and friendly architecture.

Micro services Architecture:.NET Core is perfect for building micro services architecture systems since it is lightweight and works with multiple platforms.

Why choose Axton Group?

Experience Developers: Our team of expert ASP.NET Core developers provide robust applications designed for optimum performance.

Axton Group .NET Core Development Services

  • ASP.NET Core Web app Development
  • ASP.NET Core Web API Development
  • ASP.NET Core Micro Services Development
  • Cloud-Based Application Development
  • .NET Core Micro Services Development
  • Strategy and design consulting
  • Tool and Framework Selections
  • Technical and Architecture consulting
  • Microsoft Azure Hosting & services
  • ASP.NET Core application Maintenance & support.

ASP.NET Core Application Development

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