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Five significant factors that makes WordPress the best CMS in 2020

6 May

Five significant factors that makes WordPress the best CMS in 2020

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform and was released in back 2003. WordPress runs 40% of internet and customers first choice for website development. It has several number of advantages that allowed it to stay ahead of the competition from all those years. And WordPress claims half of the entire Content Management System.

Five significant factors that makes WordPress the best CMS in 2020

Lets explore the five significant factors that have helped the platform still the most popular CMS choice for the platforms.

1.Free and open source

This  is the most crucial reason why WordPress is the well known CMS. It is free to download and use that let you save money and it is also open source which lets your website constantly upgraded. WordPress is the fastest growing CMS with over 450 websites being developed everyday on the platform.

2.Easy to use

The CMS of WordPress is very user friendly. WordPress is very easy to use and this is its main advantage as you don’t need any coding skills, if you possess some basic HTML knowledge then you can perform maximum task with WordPress


WordPress is a SEO-friendly platform that provides you with dozens of tools that can help you to optimize each post and page, which helps make your site even more attractive to search engines.

4.Highly customizable

WordPress is highly customizable and versatile. So you can use this robust CMS platform to build anything from simple portfolios and blogs to complex ecommerce websites or even large scale official websites.

5.It has a plugin for almost everything

There are innumerable open source plugins you can download to add value to WordPress site. From Popup modules, anti spam filters to SEO tools you can find everything on WordPress. It also includes interactive image plugin that you can find online. Almost every plugin from the list is free and open-source so easily upgraded by the highly qualified professionals.


So these were some significant reason why WordPress is still one of the leading web development platform in 2020. You can see how robust, easy and flexible it is. Undoubtedly WordPress is the best CMS you can opt to create your website on. From various plugins and numerous themes to great security, WordPress is the perfect choice for all your business needs.

We hope this blog will given you number of reasons to choose WordPress when creating your next blog or website. Thank you!

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