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4 Apr

Embedded Fonts: Custom Fonts in Xamarin Forms

There are a number of posts about using custom fonts in Xamarin.Forms. However, embedded fonts definitely takes the cake. No more platform-specific handling of fonts and adding font files in three different projects. Just one file and an attribute in your shared code and your font is ready to go. In this post we will see how to use it in Xamarin.Forms 4.5.530 and up.

Life Before Embedded Fonts

As mentioned, there are a couple of posts on using custom fonts already. The most recent one can be found here. In that post, you will see, that depending on the platform, you would need to go through some hoops. Such as adding an entry to the metadata or adding the font file to each target platform project. As well as setting the right build action, finding out the correct font name, and then cross your fingers everything was right the first time.

Written down like this, it doesn’t seem like a lot of work and granted. You only have to do it once (per font), but it can still be a hassle. Especially the part about finding the correct font-family name (or postscript name), involves some trail-and-error. If you have worked with custom fonts before, you already know these embedded fonts will be a big improvement.

How To Use Embedded Fonts

As of Xamarin.Forms 4.5, we will make your life a bit easier yet again. In just three simple steps, we will add a font to use across iOS, Android and UWP.

1. Add the font file (otf or ttf) to your shared project and mark it as embedded resource

Simply add the font file Samantha.ttf to any folder in your project and set the Build Action to EmbeddedResource. In this case, find it here.

Embedded Fonts Custom Fonts in Xamarin Forms

Embedded Fonts Custom Fonts in Xamarin Forms

2. Add ExportFont attribute in your shared project

The most obvious place would be inside your App.xaml.cs or AssemblyInfo.cs. However, since the attribute will register this on assembly level, you can put this anywhere. The placement of the attribute depends on how visible you want to make it to other/future developers.

Check out this reference link to know more:

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4 Apr

Apple unveils new iPad Pro with 3D Scanner, Trackpad Support

New Magic Keyboard Designed for iPad Pro Features a Floating Design, Backlit Keyboard and Trackpad, Delivering the Best Typing Experience Ever on iPad

Apple unveils new iPad Pro with 3D Scanner

Introducing the most advanced iPad Pro ever and new Magic Keyboard.

Cupertino, California — Apple today announced its most advanced iPad Pro. Now with the A12Z Bionic chip, iPad Pro is faster and more powerful than most Windows PC laptops. The new iPad Pro adds an Ultra Wide camera, studio-quality mics and a breakthrough LiDAR Scanner that delivers cutting-edge depth-sensing capabilities, opening up more pro workflows and supporting pro photo and video apps. The LiDAR Scanner, along with pro cameras, motion sensors, pro performance, pro audio, the stunning Liquid Retina display and powerful apps, extends the lead of iPad Pro as the world’s best device for augmented reality (AR). The new iPad Pro is available to order starting today on

With iPadOS 13.4, Apple brings trackpad support to iPad, giving customers an all-new way to interact with their iPad. Rather than copying the experience from macOS, trackpad support has been completely reimagined for iPad. As users move their finger across the trackpad, the pointer elegantly transforms to highlight user interface elements. Multi-Touch gestures on the trackpad make it fast and easy to navigate the entire system without users ever lifting their hand.

The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro with trackpad delivers the best typing experience ever on iPad.

Apple today also introduced the new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. With a floating design with smooth angle adjustment, a backlit keyboard and trackpad, the Magic Keyboard delivers the best typing experience ever on iPad. The Magic Keyboard will be available for purchase in May.

We’re The new iPad Pro introduces advanced technologies never before available in mobile computing,” said Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “Combining the most advanced mobile display with powerful performance, pro cameras, pro audio, the breakthrough LiDAR Scanner and new Magic Keyboard with Trackpad, this is another huge leap forward for iPad. There’s no other device in the world like the new iPad Pro and we think our customers are going to love it.”

“We’re making iPad even more capable and versatile by bringing trackpad support to iPadOS,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “We carefully considered the best way to integrate trackpad use into a touch-first environment while retaining everything our customers thrilled to bring this new way of interacting with iPad to the millions of people using iPadOS today.”

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3 Apr

Apple Releases New COVID-19 App And Website Based on CDC Guidance

Apple today released a new screening tool and set of resources to help people stay informed and take the proper steps to protect their health during the spread of COVID-19, based on the latest CDC guidance. The new COVID-19 website, and COVID-19 app available on the App Store, were created in partnership with the CDC,1 the White House Coronavirus Task Force and FEMA to make it easy for people across the country to get trusted information and guidance at a time when the US is feeling the heavy burden of COVID-19.

Apple releases new COVID-19 app and website


The COVID-19 app and website allow users to answer a series of questions around risk factors, recent exposure and symptoms for themselves or a loved one. In turn, they will receive CDC recommendations on next steps, including guidance on social distancing and self-isolating, how to closely monitor symptoms, whether or not a test is recommended at this time, and when to contact a medical provider. This new screening tool is designed to be a resource for individuals and does not replace instructions from healthcare providers or guidance from state and local health authorities.

The app and website also offer access to resources to help people stay informed and get the support they need. Users will receive answers to frequently asked questions about COVID-19, including who is most at risk and how to recognize symptoms. In addition, they will learn the most up-to-date information from the CDC like best practices for washing hands, disinfecting surfaces and monitoring symptoms.

Users can answer a series of questions around risk factors, recent exposure and symptoms in order to receive CDC recommendations on next steps. They can also access a set of resources from the CDC to help them stay informed and get the support they need.

Along with the new COVID-19 app and website, customers across the US may also ask Siri, “How do I know if I have coronavirus?” to access guidance and resources from the CDC and a curated collection of telehealth apps available on the App Store. This week travellers landing at select international airports throughout the US started receiving notifications on their iPhone to remind them of current CDC guidance to stay home and monitor their health.


Consistent with Apple’s strong dedication to user privacy, the COVID-19 app and website were built to keep all user data private and secure. The tools do not require a sign-in or association with a user’s Apple ID, and users’ individual responses will not be sent to Apple or any government organization.

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18 Mar

How to Hire a Freelance iPhone Developer

When searching for freelance iPhone Developer, one of the first things to believe is hiring a freelance iPhone developer. Freelance workers normally work a percentage of the cost of hiring a Freelance iPhone developer and are sometimes more experienced since they have worked on multiple dissimilar types of projects. The first thing you would do when looking to hire a freelance iPhone developer is to shape what type of development you necessity done for the iPhone.

17 Mar

How to choose the right iPhone apps Development Company?

As the market of smart phones gets protracted day by day, businesses should switch to iPhone apps. There are a many opportunities in the iPhone app development arena. When you need to develop an iPhone app, selecting the right iPhone apps development company is very significant. You should look for skilled iPhone apps Development Company who have developed applications in the past. Look at their portfolio to get an idea about their expertise and skills. You can also read the testimonials and client reviews on their website. Operational with a big team of professionals can be a good option rather than operational with freelancers.

17 Mar

iOS App Developers

When iPhone 5 and iOS 6 were launched, the ios app developers was attributing toughened. This latest launch of such an imposing smart phone from Apple has directed to the world quite a few stimulating hardware features. Also, the latest operating system is fundamentally loaded with multiple advanced and better-quality attributes and in-built apps. So a competent ios app development can use technical skills to create some very attractive applications for iPhone 5.

And this is surely been a fact that most iPhone 5 users will be looking forward to the ios apps that use new and better  iOS 6 and iPhone 5 attributes.

17 Mar

Mobile App Development

The main development turns in applications for the web and desktops. As the mobile rebellion started, the entire focus of developers has spelled to mobile devices. The necessity to stay tied even when you are away has been committed by mobile app development. Providing a lot of suitability to the mobile users, apps have developed a eminent place in our regular life. With mobile app development, it has become so useful to check the status of hotel reservation, train schedule, movie tickets, and airplane schedules and so on.

17 Mar

Tips for Hiring iPhone Application Developer

The success of the iPhone in the market today is phenomenal. From tech geeks and aficionados to the regular consumers, iPhone has managed to captivate everybody. The latter adore its looks and functionality, whereas the former are enthralled by the capability of its superior technology. Above all, the various numerous applications available for the iPhone have also contributed in making the phone one of the most popular gadgets today. For this, the credit should go to the independent iPhone application developer who has come out with excellent ideas and superior programming to make useful and innovative applications.

17 Mar

Tips to Hire Mobile App Development Company

Mobile phones are used by millions of people across the globe. They are no longer used only for the intention of consultation. In fact, they are used for an ample variety of intentions starting from browsing the internet to locating the nearest police station. Nowadays, smart phone users can simply download and install a mobile app, which will offer them with a lot of features and functionalities.

17 Mar

Hire an iPhone Application Programmer

Creating iPhone applications in a single language can limit the reach of these applications. So while creating applications for iPhone, it is very significant for an iPhone Application Programmer to integrate the internationalization feature in order to make possible it for a better market diffusion. It is a very well known fact that in 2011, both Android App Market and Apple’s App Store, cumulatively, countersigned more than 20 billion app downloads. It is very important to note that most of the applications and games that we access in iPhone, such as Angry Birds, are available in other languages such as Spanish and Chinese.