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Our Work Process

Innovation is the trademark of our work and creativity and that is the principle we use to make our work superior. For any given project we assign a project manager, a designer, and two programmers and a testing team. When business requirements are received from clients, we at the Axton Group use the following professional approach to fulfill our clients' requirements.

Requirements & Analysis:

In this phase our experienced project manager contacts the client and gathers the requirements by doing face to face meetings or conference calls. He/She will try to get as much information as he/she can in the form of a rough sketch or a draft, their ideas about the system, images, and other necessary requirements. Once the general requirements are gathered from the client our project manager and his/her team member thoroughly analyze and understand the scope of the clients' requirements. Then our project manager acquires necessary resources and develops a project plan and team to accomplish the project. As per client's request he/she will walk the client through to the demo websites or functionalities incase if we have any similar website.


In this phase the designer receives his/her section of the project requirements. He/She studies and understands the requirements and identifies the targeted audience and markets. Then he/she starts the initial designing of the website project. He/She will send the website layout to our project manager and our project manager will contact the client and forward the layout. Once he/she gets the feed back from the client, the designer will make necessary modifications to the layout and send an updated layout to the client again. Through out the process, assigned project manager will work with the client. Our project manager is responsible to get sign off on the layout. At this stage of the project we freeze the website layout.


In this phase a lead programmer receives the sign off confirmation from the designer and his/her section of the project requirements from the project manager. After discussion with the project manager and understanding the requirement he/she will start writing the code. The technologies that we use are decided through the precise method and a variety of phases. After 3 weeks or so the lead programmer will start uploading the code on our demo server and generate a demo link for the client. The project manager will forward that link to the client to monitor our progress. The project manager will continuously update the clients through emails, phone or messenger. After seeing the initial demo link if the client has any changes or new requirements then project manager will study and analyze the requirements. If its new functionalities requirements then after analyzing the requirements an assigned project manager will send an email to the client with the add itional cost and updated deadline information. If it's small minor changes or bugs he will pass it to lead programmer to fix those issues. While developing the project the programmers will be validating the code and pass it to the testing department.


In this phase testing engineer will receive the part of the application or an entire project and necessary documents from the project manager. The testing engineer and his/her team will perform black box testing, white box testing, grey box testing, unit testing, integrating testing, system testing, regression testing, acceptance testing and other necessary testing. They will make a list of bugs and issues and send it back to the project manager and the project manager will pass the list to the lead programmer to fix those issues on the priority basis. Once those bugs are fixed the project manager will notify the testing team and the testing team will perform the testing again to ensure that the system is working as expected. Once the project passes the final testing phase then the final demo link is forwarded to the project manager and project manager will present to the client.

Deploy & Maintenance:

Once we receive an approval from the client we launch the project. At this stage our project manager will be with the client to train and explain the technicality and functionality of the project to make the efficient use of it and get the maximum benefit for their business. As per client's request and contract we maintain and host the project.

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